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Estimates Not Viewed



Has there been a problem with estimates sent out last week from 25th May? I sent a few out and none have been viewed. I resent them after checking the SMTP settings were correct but they are still showing as not having been viewed.

This morning I sent two completely new estimates across and they both show as having been viewed on the email log but only one is showing as having been viewed on the “View all estimates” page.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,



Hi @kdunroe

We’re not aware of any issues here. However it’s worth noting that just because an email has been opened, it doesn’t necessarily mean a link has been clicked.

Do you see any entries for the estimates being viewed in the event log? Have your clients reported any issues?



Yes, the estimates have entries on the event log for the date I originally sent them, also the 1st June and this morning.

One client has emailed asking what is happening as he hasn’t received anything. I will call the others to find out if they have received them or not.

Any reason why the last estimate sent would show up as being viewed on the event log but not the “View all estimates” page?


Is there an entry in the event log for the estimate being viewed?

If you’re using your own SMTP server, it may be worth checking with your email provider too. Unless it’s showing differently (e.g. “Blocked”) in the email log, the email would have been sent successfully.

Sometimes the email provider will filter them to a spam box which is independent of the inbox - I’ve seen this previously with some of the smaller providers.

It’s also worth noting that the accuracy of the tick to say an email has been viewed can depend on the email provider. Some providers will pre-read the email as part of their scanning process which would trigger it. However, hovering your mouse over the tick will reveal when it was viewed. If this was within 2-3 minutes of the sent timestamp it may be the mail server. If there’s a considerable difference, then I would say it is someone manually opening it.



Sorry, when I said event log I actually meant the “Sent Email Log”. So the two new estimates that I sent this morning are showing as opened on the “Sent Email Log” but only one is showing as having been viewed by the client from the View All Estimates page, edged with a green line. This one is shown on the “Event Log” as having been viewed but the other isn’t.

I’ll call the clients now and let you know whether the estimates were received or not.