Estimates showing only price if opened on iPhone

We’ve just noticed that estimates opened on iPhone do not give any detail, only the price. One would need to download the estimate to see it properly.

Is this a bug or something that can be fixed?


Hi @OvidiuS

The estimates and invoices for a mobile user will vary to that on a screen providing it’s been enabled. However, I’ve just tried this out with the default set up on an Android device. Is this similar to what you’re seeing?

Compared to a desktop version:

If you wish, you can disable this option under ‘Account Settings’ > ‘Advanced Settings’:

or a user can use the ‘Download’ button on a mobile view to view full details

Thanks for this - it would be great if it would show it like this.

Just that in our case there is no description - just showing the price.

Have you made any changes to the design at all? If not, are you able to send me an example screenshot please? You’re welcome to send this to me in a private message (click my name, and then ‘Message’)

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