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EU sales on VAT return, boxes 8 & 9

I supply only services to EU countries and not supplies. I therefore don’t have to show any figures in boxes 8 and 9 on my VAT return. How do change the figures in boxes 8 & 9 to £0.00 as the Quickfile calculation has put my EU sales in them? Have I done something wrong when I’ve created EU sales invoices?

This is a known issue as QuickFile does not know whether the invoice is for a product or a service. You can simply manually adjust the figure in box 8 to 0 before you submit the return. Box 8 would only be populated if you have invoices for sales to EU VAT registered business and box 9 is only populated if you make purchases from EU VAT registered businesses. Minus the figure in box 9 to 0 and add the figure to box 6. The VAT for the figure in box 9 will be populated in box 2, so you just minus that figure out to 0 and add it to box 1. Hope that makes sense. Boxes 8 and 9 are only statistic boxes and are used to also trigger a EC sales list to be generated.

I believe this is the correct procedure, unless anyone knows better.

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