EU VAT supplyof goods v supply of services issue

Could you tell me if there is any progress in relation to the known issue within Quickfile about VAT reporting where the system cannot automatically deal with supply of services from EU countries.

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Hi @marksenior

There’s no progress at the moment, but I’ll check with my colleague to see if this is something down to be looked into. Please bear with us, and either myself or a colleague will come back to you shortly.

I just wanted to update you on this. As you can probably appreciate, anything that involves changes to VAT takes quite a bit of time to see how it affects other parts of the system and how complex it is to introduce. With other parts of the system being worked on, this isn’t something that we’ve had time to look at I’m afraid.

I appreciate it can be pain to adjust the VAT return, but it is something that only needs to be done once per quarter, and is achievable through QuickFile using the adjustments.

As soon as we have any news on this area, we’ll be sure to update the forums. However, I don’t have a timescale for this at the moment.

You could simplify things by using a “project” tag on the invoices that will need adjusting, to at least give you one report summarising the values you need to adjust.

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Whilst I agree it is easy to use the adjustment function, it then creates a further issue of balance sheet transactions of the adjustments themselves.
Current situation is unsatisfactory, VAT is a major issue for many small businesses and in “paid for” accounting software it should be seamless in its operation.

If all you’re doing is moving vat from box 2 to box 1 then the net adjustment is zero so you won’t have anything left in manual adjustments that you need to journal out. But yes, I agree that it would be better if this were supported natively so you don’t need to adjust in the first place.

I agree with all of this.

It’s been brought up a few times in the last 12 months and it’s always been replied to along the lines of “something we’re looking into, something that will be done at some point”

I am due to file my first VAT return at the end of the month, and will have to make adjustments to some boxes due to the ebay invoices (which are for services supplied from the EU which I have to reverse charge…er, I think!)

I need this sort of stuff to be automatic really and was hoping it would have been sorted by now.

I’m afraid it’s not a simple fix, the VAT procedures are very complex and any changes would require extensive work and testing before we can push them out into production.

To be quite honest with our current workloads, it’s not something that we will be able to address in the short to mid term.

I’m sorry to disappoint, as soon as we can commit to a fixed time-frame I will update this thread.