Event log - include additional information for VAT returns and backups

Is there a reason that the event log, doesnt capture much, except things like changes to payments and invoices/journals.

After searching, i cannot find any records created by the “Quick file bot” one would expect to see in the logs such things as when vat submissions are made, backups are generated, statements sent out etc.

I was hoping that the event log might shine some light on my mistakes i am trying to sort, since there was a coding error with the backups, this would have been a second way of helping recover from errors, either by me or and accidental coding error upon a system update.

I see from other topics that there is also no option to download a log, rather just search it on the server, this is ok, but the option to pull the log and use it offline, to go back over steps would be a lot easier, less searches on the server, nor could i see that downloading them would put heavy use on the server, but would make it easier for users that have logs that contain 1000’s of actions or be very large text files, also having either two browser windows or tabs open and constant switching to go back over steps is time consuming

An accounting system should have good traceability (i.e. an audit trail)

The event log does capture most activity within QuickFile, although perhaps not every single activity as the information may be available elsewhere.

For example if you wanted to know when a VAT return was submitted you could refer to the schedule of VAT returns and you will see the submission date here. We will also be adding an option to view rolled back returns here soon.

We would be happy to add an event log for when backups are created. I am not sure about the dispatch of client statements, this was only added a few months ago but I will check this and let you know.

Client statements (automated or otherwise) are logged in the event log:



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`this is ok for single invoices, but not multiple deletes

Simple things like using the payment references, I don’t
understand why you have them on show since they are of no use to the user
unless they are in the logs and you can see where it had/has been used,
credit used from supplier account, no reference as to which original payment it
came from, even more so if the supplier credit gets split across multiple
invoices, then deleted.

no history of where they were, since the
backup I downloaded didn’t have the correct info in it, I have spent over a
week now trying to fix the mistake/s I made, but carnt as payments were
applied to the supplier account then split across multiple invoices, to make
this work i had rolled back the vat submissions which i have submitted to
hrmc, and now cant get QF to talley back to this, my supplier is a pain, and
there invoicing was a mess prior to this, hence adding as supplier credit, i
am now lost and already accumulating more fines and possible prosecution for
late filling, all due to me relying on the fact that the backups and logs were
just that and are clearly not.

** Word of warning **

to anyone else using quickfile, once you have submitted to hmrc on line for vat, even if it is
wrong don’t roll it back, its near impossible to correct changes you make,
and you’ll end up paying a hefty price.


Also when payments are added as credit, the logs show NO record of this what so ever

The issue with the backup (since resolved) only related to the narrative on purchase payments and then only to specific circumstances whereby a payment was allocated to multiple invoices. Unless you deleted a great number of payments I don’t see how this would be a problem.

If you view all payments you can see each payment and exactly which invoice it has been allocated to:

If you drill down into the invoice you can see how much and when the credit was allocated:

Regarding the VAT return it is not a good idea to roll back the return once it has been submitted to HMRC. When you change the underlying data and resubmit it’s not likely that you’re going to be able to match the figures.

VAT is not a simple area, particularly when it comes to cash accounting it is very easy to tie yourself in knots if you’re managing a complex account with little experience. Unless your return is grossly out of whack then you’re best off leaving as is and adjusting any errors manually into the next return.

I’m sorry to hear about the problems you have faced, I would suggest maybe seeking the assistance of a professional bookkeeper/accountant, their services are often invaluable and can end up saving you money in the long run and allowing you to focus on your business.

Fair enough, such things cause issues though as when searching in the payments screen using “active” and selecting unallocated payments, why does this bring up all the unallocated “deleted payments” aswell ???

A number of additional event logs have been added for VAT return rollbacks and backups.

thank you, this is great news, i have since managed to correct the first VAT return i messed up (taken 18 days on and off) hopefully the last one shouldnt be as hard.

again thanks for the help and the implementation of this feature.

(i have learned after this mistake lol)

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