Event log times

Under recent events I used to see the date and time the other person logged in to view their invoice. Now it just says 2h or 6d etc. How do I see the date and time again?

If you hover your mouse over the time and it will show the full date and time otherwise it will show as follows:

1m = 1 minute ago
1h = 1 hour ago
1d = 1 day ago

Anything older than a month 1 week it shows the full date.

I don’t mean to correct you on your own software @Glenn, but it would appear to be a week rather than a month :wink:

You are right :smile:

I tried hovering with a mouse over the hours but no date and time is coming up. This just happened from last week. Till now it automatically showed me the date and time the other person logged in. Now even after trying to click and hover over the hours it doesn’t show me the date and time. Please fix the error.
Thanks alot

What browser are you using?

I am using Google Chrome

I’m also using Google Chrome Vr: 33.0.1750.146 m but I can’t see any problem here. When I hover the mouse over the time it shows the full date and time.

Thanks it is working now, I was moving the mouse to fast over the time and therefor it didn’t show the box with the date and time. AMAZING HOW PROFESSIONAL IT’S GETTING - I’M REALLY ENJOYING USING QUICKFILE.

Thanks alot Glen for your constant support.

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No problem, happy to help. Thank you for your positive feedback!

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