Excel 2013 report

Hi. I try to print my VAT report and is something wrong.
All data is on first column : invoice no, supplier name, net, vat for example
"303",“02/02/2015”, “workshop”, “12.7700”,“2.5500”,It is completely mes.
I have excel 2013 is this the reason? how to fix it?

Not entirely sure, I just opened your last VAT report in Open Office without any problem.

It’s a CSV file so should open fine in Excel 2013. Make sure if the option appears you select “Comma Separated”. From what you’ve described it’s opening it as tab separated or something similar.

Yes, I’ve double check. It is in right format.Still is not right! I also went to my friend to try printed on her computer and is the same problem. I’ve never have that problem before.

I can see that any export data coming incorrect. Please help me with this!

We’ve not made any changes to the output here and I haven’t heard any similar reports. Can you send me a private message on here and attach the file you’re having problems with please.