Excel files in Document Manager?

Why cannot we upload excel files in Document Manager area?

I see we’re supporting .xls but not .xlsx. Just added the latter so it will be possible when we next deploy (1-3 days).

Is it possible to upload a .pdf file into document manager?

Yes PDF documents are fine.

Sorry to come back to you but I have tried a number of times to upload a pdf file, without success. I browse and pick up the file I want. It appears in the little box below the upload browse and cancel buttons. I click the upload button and…nothing happens! I have done a few .xls file perfectly. Any thoughts?

I just checked with an engineer and it seems there was a syntax error in the accepted file list. This was corrected earlier and is pending deployment (should be all fine by tomorrow afternoon).

Glenn, just read your response, thanks. Prior to seeing that, I actually renamed the pdf file (removing a word I had abbreviated to gov’t) and, hey presto…it uploaded fine. Maybe it just didn’t like the apostrophe?

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