Excess VAT on MTD return

Doing first MTD return (yes, me again! sorry). Accrual accounting. Invoice from last quarter included in last return, but cheque paid into bank 1st day of this quarter. QF insists on including it again in this quarter, even though an invoice has been created showing 26/04 as the date. Is my only option to manually over-ride? I have tried de-tagging but am reluctant to delete entire transaction

Hi @JudyA,

It would only be included again if it wasn’t included in the previous return on QuickFile? Has the payment created a duplicate invoice?

HI Beth. This is the first return I’ve done with QF. I gave the VAT start date as 01/05 (start of VAT period), and only imported bank statements from 01/05. But this invoice, dated 26/04, was paid by cheque which was received by the bank on 01/05. Even with a dated invoice, I can’t make the system ‘release’ it from this quarter and it’s throwing all the calculations out!

Hi Judy,

That is very strange, I will send you a private message to see if I can help you further.

Thanks Beth. I’m not sure where a private message will arrive, email or somewhere on the QF system! but will keep an eye out for it

Are you definitely configured for accrual rather than cash accounting in your QuickFile settings? If you “download calculations” on the vat return screen that’ll show you exactly what QuickFile thinks it is including in the numbers.

you should see a notification appear by your avatar in the top right hand corner :slight_smile:

HI, definitely Accrual in VAT settings, first thing I checked. I also checked the calculations, and it is including that invoice; the problem is how to remove it. Am I allowed to simply delete the payment from the bank record ? seems a bit simplistic!

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