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Exchange Rate - Option to Switch Off XE.com Fixed Exchange Rates

Hi QF Support Team,

Further to ongoing dialogue with your team, I would like to request the facility to manually override the hard coded XE.com exchange rate feature/option when tagging a payment to an international supplier / purchase. (in this case EURO’s).

In my experience the current setup appears to cause more problems than it solves.

When creating a supplier invoice in Euros the HMRC stipulate that you have to use there official approved published exchange rate for the month pertaining to the purchase invoice date, QF handles this really well.

If you are using a currency exchange or brokerage service or bank for that matter, when you go to pay said supplier invoice 30 days later, there is no way to tag the transaction using the exchange rate you received on the day if you pay in sterling, as QF automatically uses the XE.com fixed rate for that day.

This creates a right headache as your are left with either an under or overpayment against that original supplier invoice.

To give the QF user greater flexibility to specify / tag a sterling payment to a Euro invoice based on the actually exchange rate on the day that he or she paid, would be so helpful and much more user friendly.

Many Thanks