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Exclude some clients from automatic credit control


I do not login that often to apply payments etc, there are some customers that pay via standing order for services so I do not log these immediately.

Is there a way that certain customers can be excluded from the automatic credit control e-mails?


Hi @garysteers

It’s not possible to exclude them as standard, but you can exclude certain invoices.

You need to go to the outstanding invoices page, either by clicking the “Money owed to you” on the dashboard or by going to Sales >> Outstanding Invoices.

You’ll see a little egg timer icon next to the due dates on these invoices:

Clicking on these, you can set the time before the reminder is sent, or even disable it completely:

I hope that helps

Thanks for that suggestion, but that would then involve me logging in every month, these invoice are generated automatically on a reoccurring schedule.

Can this be put in as a feature request that either on a per client basis, or on a per reoccurring invoice basis (whichever is easier to implement).


Hi @garysteers

No problem. I’ve amended the title and recategorised the post. We’ll happily take a closer look at the request if there is enough interest from the community.

One thing you could do is switch off the auto-sending of reminder emails:

Account Settings >> All Settings >> Credit Control Settings

With this deselected you will be prompted instead to manually approve any reminder emails.

Obviously the usefulness of this depends on how timely you need the reminders to go and how frequently you log into QF.

Hi Glenn,

Yes I already have it disabled, the reason for the question is I would like to enable it so that it will automatically set the reminders but there are 2 clients that I wanted to exclude.

I will leave it off for now and I am hoping to move the 2 that i don;t want to send warnings to onto GoCardless direct debit so that the payment is automatically logged.


this would be a beneficial and easy to implement feature with a simple

exclude from credit control features : enabled Y/N

i have several accounts clogging up credit control screen and automation, especially useful when a client goes into receivership and your waiting to see if getting paid (nothing worse than a daily reminder of someone who ripped you off) or also in my case a small account with lots of small invoices and client paying set amount monthly…


Hi @magnacom

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but there is an option to disable this on a client-by-client basis:

thanks, yes i saw this, but when i goto my credit control report, its clogged with invoiced from a client who is paying me up and one who went bust, so im not interested in those being there, i spend more time skipping over them in the list, 17 out of first 50
like so…