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Expand use of zapier to support updates/deletes of invoices/clients



We use zapier along side quickfile, but it only seems to be configurable to trigger zaps when new invoices or clients are created.

Could you please add support for invoice_update, client_update + others from your list of hook supported events?



Hi @DesignStitchSew

We can certainly consider extending this. We’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their vote and comments.


I would agree. I would like some triggers for when a client logs on and looks at an invoice or pays an invoice


I’d definitely like to see this - I’d like the Zapier functions expanded somewhat. It’s the only reason we don’t use QuickFile for two other companies we have. For the others we just have a WooCommerce plugin to Xero which keeps everything in order for us. I’d really like multi-line support for invoices too.

Of course, a WooCommerce plugin would be amazing, but we’d make do with Zapier if we had to.