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When receiving a credit how do you expanded the search date

Can you provide a bit more detail on what you are trying to do here? Are you trying to link a previously paid credit to an invoice?

Hi. On paypal there are imported refunds to customers that go back to invoices say a month old and I want to link to the specific invoice.

Are you processing the refund from the bank statement view? Normally it will return the last 20 transactions in the list. Is the invoice your trying to tag the refund to not appearing on the list due to it being too old?

Is it similar to this problem?


Sorry for the slow reply. Yes similar problem. The only way I can see round it,is post to a control account, locate the original invoice and credit it to the control account.

Not necessarily, you can do as suggested in the other thread I posted to. But your method will also work, whichever is more convenient. It really depends if you’re going to be doing this on a regular basis.

Here’s the relevant quote from the other post

The way to do this is to actually locate the purchase invoice and issue a refund (select credit note option) against it for 82p. Set the date as 09/01/2014 and the bank to PayPal. That will give you a duplicate (tagged) transaction on the bank, all you need to do then is delete the untagged item.