Expense recording and repayment prior to business setup


Our business is a partnership and we have spent a bit on purchases from our personal accounts to set up the business. We now have a business account and it is our intention to repay our personal expenses from the business as part of our first few invoice amounts into the business. We have kept all receipts and can enter them in but how would be the best method?

I am thinking of either totaling up our individual expense totals and setting these as our Partner Drawings accounts starting balances (as a negative) and then treating each of us as suppliers that the business pays using our expenses as individual lines on an invoice from ourselves as suppliers. I am thinking of filing using individual references somehow for each expense. Expences would then show as a reducing Partner Drawing on the accounts until all have been repaid. We are not VAT registered and our business will have a very low turnover (startup).

Would this work?