Expenses Buy/Charge

Hi there,

For my business, I buy materials to complete building work for private customers. I buy the materials in advance, and then re-charge to the customer…

What would the nominal code be when:

  1. I buy materials from a merchant (supplier).
  2. I then need to charge this amount, back to the customer, so what nominal do I add onto the sales invoice?


They’re treated as two separate transactions.

  1. The materials would normally go under nominal 5000 - general purchases. You can of course create your own nominals for specific types of purchases but 5000 will do fine. this is entered as a purchase invoice.

  2. When the item is resold, or repackaged with other items and sold as a complete service you can enter this separately on a sales invoice, by default it will go under 4000 - general sales. But again you can create your own sales codes and change them by clicking on the grey question mark in the sales entry form.

Hope that helps!