Expenses from previous 'closed' tax year

Hello all.

One of the partners in our LLP has just submitted business expenses (purchases) that date back to our previous trading year that has now closed in QuickFile and with year end all finished.

I don’t want to mess with last year’s figures and accounts so was wondering if I can enter the purchases now with the old date and QF will just include that into this year’s numbers or if it’s better to just add a single purchase amount dated with today’s date with notes referencing it back to last year?


Hi @Bluesden

If you have run the year end then you can’t enter transactions for within that period as it has been locked.

I would speak to your accountant to see what is best but you would need to enter it with a date after the locked period.

Hope that makes sense

I would enter it as your second choice above, one invoice entry for the total claimed today, itemising each expense claimed and its original date

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Enter it with the date the expense claim was submitted and just put a note that it relates to last year if you feel you need to. If it’s not material it doesn’t matter.

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