Expenses - how to print expenses by category

Hi all, I am a sole trader with a very simple business. I thought quickfile would help me to do my tax return but in fact it is not helping and I wish now I had just done a spreadsheet!

All I want to do is print a summary of my purchases by category so I know how much I have spent on each e.g advertising. I can’t find a way to do this.

I tried exporting it to an excel spreadsheet but it only lets me select 50 items at a time, I can’t find a “select all” command. However if there is a way to do this within quickfile that would actually be better than a spreadsheet anyway.

Can anybody help please?


Hi @Claire_Furner

Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with QuickFile.

For your tax return, you can use figures from your Profit and Loss report, which would show you the amount spent per nominal category. You can view the P&L report by going to Reports >> Profit and Loss

HMRC may also ask you for a Balance Sheet, which can also be found under the Reports menu. Both of these reports are printable.

Alternatively, if you did want a complete list of everything per nominal code you can see a complete breakdown from the Chart of Accounts report, where you can also drill down into each code individually.

Hope that helps?

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