Expenses on behalf of client

Right I’m still not getting this. Grrrr…
I raise an invoice. I add a line for labour charges. I have some purchases that I need to pass on to the client on the next line of the invoice. How do I do this without inflating my p&l.
When the client pays in one go how do I allocate said purchases when tagging?

Going a bit mad here but I hope someone can help.

Thank you in advance.


The expenses incurred for that particular sale would normally be entered on a separate purchase invoice (From the dashboard click “Log a purchase”). With the sales invoice and purchase invoice balancing each other, it won’t inflate your P&L.

The sales and purchase invoices are separate accounting entries but you could add project tags to the two to link them together. That way you can see the overall profitability of any project you’re working on.

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Right. Rebilling expenses. I have set up my client as a supplier and any purchases I make on their behalf I post to their supplier account. Now, I raise an invoice to the client and they pay me. Is their any reason I can’t select refund from supplier when tagging the purchase?

Many thanks

I’ve moved this post back to your original thread, best to keep everything in one place.

Just trying to understand the flow here…Is there any reason you’re adding your client as a supplier? Presumably the items you purchased to fulfill the service to your client, weren’t also purchased from your client?

If you are purchasing materials to fulfill a particular order for a given client, you have two distinct transactions that should be entered separately. 1. the sales invoice and payment for your client and 2. the invoice from your supplier and payment you made to them for the materials.

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