Expired recurring invoice next due date

I have been using recurring invoices via Go Cardless to bill my customers successfully up until now. My clients have a set number of monthly payments that need to be made and i entered this into the occurrence box in the template (eg 2 for 2 monthly payments). However a client that I set up for 2 occurrences has now been billed for 3 times, and there is another one invoice waiting to be billed next month!

Please can you advise why this is and what i have done wrong or misunderstood as i have now overcharged the client. Once this client was billed twice his payments were complete and no further invoices should have been raised.

Please help.

We have been looking into this problem today. It would appear after running a number of tests that in some cases where there is a set number of invoices scheduled, that one extra would be issued in the proceeding period. This was due to an error in our scheduling algorithm. We have now fixed this problem in the code and it will go live first thing tomorrow morning. I apologise for any inconvenience caused, this shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

Hi Glen,

Further to your response below, I am a little concerned that this fix may not be working. If you were to look at my account you will see that my customer recurring invoice profiles R000001 through to R000011 have all now been invoiced, and made their required 4 payments as defined in the profile, but all have what looks like an extra invoice due to be generated in October. Please can you confirm that these invoices will not be raised.

Is there also a way of seeing that a recurring invoice profile is now finished without going into each individual account and adding up how many invoices have been raised?

What will happen is the scheduler will terminate as soon as it next runs on the 13th October, without sending anything. At that point the status of the recurring profile will be set to PAUSED. I know this is not clear or entirely intuitive but no more invoices will be spawned from these profiles. We will look at adjusting that statement shortly to remove any doubt.

We’ve just made a slight update now to clearly show EXPIRED recurring invoices. You will be able to see this on your main list of recurring invoices.

Thanks for the quick response and this update is much better, much easier to see live and expired profiles… well done!


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