Expired Recurring Invoices

I trying to resolve our recurring invoices. I thought I knew how to manage the invoices when they were due to expire by resetting the start date to one month prior to stopping the invoices and setting the occurrence to 1 (One month’s notice). This works fine and stops an invoice being issued but what it does not do is set the ACTION to PAUSE. If manual intervention is required could you please add search criteria for EXPIRED.
I make use of the backup to report on current membership and it would be useful for a similar indicator to be added if that is possible.
Thank you

Hi @gjwguk

Adding an “expired” tag may be a little tricky, but this has come up before. You may wish to add your vote to the following topic:
Show expired recurring invoices separate to paused recurring invoices

We do record the issue number and recurrences for each template, so perhaps including these in the back up may help?

I’m afraid I was a bit hasty. I was reviewing a particular record and it had not been processed for this particular month, therefore it has not been marked as PAUSED. Apologises…
I have resolved the EXPIRED issue. I have added EXPIRED to my tags.

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