Export all supplier details

Does anyone know how to export all supplier details?
Currently, when exporting, it does not seem to include the bank details that I have added.
Is there a way to export all details, including bank details?

Hi @Paul87

Would either of these reports work for what you need?

Hi @QFBeth unfortunately not. These reports only give the details for suppliers with an open balance.
I am looking to export the details of all suppliers
Mainly their bank details

Hi @Paul87

There doesn’t appear to be a report that gives all the information in one go that you need. You will need to download a couple of exports and combine them. The Aggregate totals by supplier will give you the bank details so you could do a vlookup to this export to add details to the other export that you’re doing

@QFBeth the only details I am looking for is bank details.
I am looking to see if there is a way to export ALL suppliers bank details
At present I can export a batch payment file which gives bank details for suppliers with a balance
I am looking to export all the bank details of all my suppliers/vendors.

Does the account backup include this info?

At the moment the account backup doesn’t show this information but we have asked for it to be added to the csv columns


The account backup has now been amended to include these details.

Hope this helps

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