Export Data Fields to CSV

Hello I am trying to export my sales and purchase data into CSV so that I can upload to a restructured P&L in Excel. However, I can’t get all of the fields that I need. Exporting from the screen “View All Purchases” has got pretty much everything I need except that the nominal account code is missing (and the fact that I need to select page by page, which is annoying but not insurmountable). Is there any way to do this please?

Hi @LynnEv

Because of the nature of invoices (in that they can multiple lines), there isn’t a way to export each individual line - only an overview of them.

What I would suggest, is to look at exporting data from the Chart Of Accounts, which would give you a breakdown per nominal code. It would include an invoice number, but because multiple lines on an invoice can be combined to one total (5 lines on an invoice for the same nominal for example would be represented as just 1 line on the nominal itself), so this may not necessarily help.

What are you looking to do with the data exactly in Excel? In what way are you trying to restructure the P&L report? Perhaps we can suggest an easier way?

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