Export Payments for Gift Aid Claim

How do I export a list of payments made for membership fees that qualify for Gift Aid? I use a specific description for invoices that qualify but I need to extract a list of the actual payment dates and the amounts against those invoices, since I started using quickfile? I can’t see any easy way to extract the information to enable us to submit a claim. I can search for the invoices using the description or item name and I get back 10 (50) pages of invoices but not the payment dates. I can’t search payments using those items. I clearly don’t want to have to manually extract the information. I need to be able to show how much was actually paid during each accounting period and the date of the last payment within that period…much easier if I can extract and play about with the data in excel. HELP!

You can create new income nominal and call is Gifaider Donations for future.
For now you can sales> view all payments, select all payment and export as csv
Same you can do with actual sales nominals, Reports> Profit&Loss click on relevant revenue account and export in CSV, you should see giftaid wordings in Notes column.

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