Exporting data from Quickbooks


I have just moved over to Quickfile from Quickbooks, however I cannot find a good way to export my data from Quickbooks which links nicely with Quickfile. It only seems to want to export the full accounts as a .qbb file (something relevant to Quickbooks)

Has anyone else converted from Quickbooks and if so how? Dont really want to manually add each invoice if possible.



I think what you’ll need to get hold of here is a trial balance in CSV format. A .qbb file is something native to Quickbooks and won’t be useable elsewhere.

Not sure if this guide is of any use to you:

Exporting a QuickBooks Trial Balance

Excellent Glenn

I will give it a go tonight. I was going to speak to someone at Quickfile about them taking the .qbb file and sorting it all for me for the £79 advertised. not sure if this can be done

Excellent, for the setup service we’d need CSV files. We do retrieve these for customers but this is only possible when using a cloud based system.

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