Exporting data with all details as a .CSV


I would like to know if there is a way that I can download all my data from Quickfile into a .CSV format so that more powerful analysis can be carried out in Excel?

For example, is it possible to download all purchases data which also includes the cost before VAT, the VAT figure, and the nominal account category of that purchase (as we would have entered all this data into the system anyway) into a .CSV file?

Likewise, for all invoice data, is it possible to download all invoices but included all the line by line items that sometimes make up a single invoice? Or do we need to create one invoice per item/task if we indeed would like to have this level of data exportable into a .CSV file?

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We can run a full backup for you. This will consist of a zip file with multiple CSV files containing all client and supplier records, invoices, purchases, and full ledger activity.

Create a data backup schedule

Once the schedule has been created we can force a backup to be created right away, otherwise you’d need to wait until the scheduler next runs.

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