Express Banner Designer, Client Area Horizontal Menu Creation issues

I am loving QuickFile and am really getting to grips with the system and working out how to do stuff, I am quite computer savvy and like the customisation options that there are all over the place, image is important and this setup helps me keep the professional edge.

I have been working on the “Express Banner Designer” to customise the look and feel of the client area. I seem to be having some buggy issues with the Horizontal Menu.

At first I thought I don’t want it on my client area there are enough links on the Left Hand Side, so I clicked on the (-) Remove a menu item and did just that removed them all. Great I thought since then I have discovered I do want some more meaningful and helpful links as I have begun to understand and look at the client area from the other side.

I work mostly on Google Chrome and also Safari on a MAC G5 for some reason when I add a 3rd item to the menu it says it has saved and then I Access Account from a client and it is not saved. I then go back to the Express Designer and sure enough it’s not saved, so I redo it and it saves it I go out of the designer to another page say to view an invoice, back in to Express Page Designer, ok it’s saved, this time off to client area… nope not there, but sometimes when I do this it is. Overall inconsistent and mostly not there.

Another aspect I have discovered when it does appear which is only sometimes it strips the formatting off the URL, so ESET becomes eset and the link is broken. Beginning to get a little frustrating.

Is there some limit on the number of menu items on the Client Area Horizontal Menu system? Am I doing something wrong here?


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I’m not sure if you’re actually doing anything wrong here, I doubt you are! We’d need to run a few tests in order to reproduce the exact problem. It certainly looks like we’re converting your URLs to lowercase, which it shouldn’t be doing! The only way to really know what the problem is here is to run some rigorous tests, adding, modifying and removing links until something goes breaks.

Leave this with me I will refer to an engineer tomorrow.

Hi Glen good to know that despite my not being an expert on the software, that I am at least doing something right.

I would like to add some more to the issue that I have discovered that might help and also point towards a breaking point and therefore resolution.

  1. with the main site kinnellkreations.quickfile, as I said previously I deleted all the default horizontal menu items, I am then able to re-add 2 more items back onto the list, time I get to 3rd it doesn’t want to know.
  2. having a 2nd site to play with is helpful I had setup wellspringcgc.quikfile prior to the main one, I was trialling it a bit and I may still use Quickfile for that charity, different application but could work, for now I went into that site which has retained all 3 default horizontal menu items. I was then able to go in and add 2 more giving rise to 5 menu items… see screenshot below.

I am coming to a possible conclusion that when I deleted all the menu items especially the 1st default one that this somehow triggered a delete of more code than it should have, giving rise to my now ‘broken’ horizontal menu on Kinnell Kreations, that I am unable to add another item to. Yet where an installation retains the default items further can be added without issue.

Yes the stripping of the code HTML reducing the CAPS is something that needs attention as it breaks links.

Thanks and look forward to helping resolve this with you and the team.


I suspected that had something to do with it, we’ll try to replicate this today. As soon as we’ve had a look in more detail I will report back.

My colleague and I have checked this and we were able to add (then delete) a link on your control panel. When adding a link you need to confirm by clicking the save button at the bottom of the page. A confirm box then appears like this one (taken from Chrome):

You do need to confirm this and the alert boxes in Chrome have recently been made more inconspicuous, but it should appear at the top of the screen.

Hi There thanks for the reply and for testing.

I did see and confirmed in those boxes re overriding and confirmation on all occasions I press these ok as without doing so I have no right to expect the changes to be made permanent. Have been in again briefly and I can still add a menu item check a client account it be there then back to designer to add another and it be gone.

Some inconsistency still present, will do some more detailed steps and possibility even a screen movie to show moves meantime I have edited the required link to show how I managed to not get it permanent. I think from some more testing that editing what is already there is part of the issue I am seeing.

For the moment I seem to have been able to edit and add a 3rd line so will leave it alone for a while and see that it stays, if not then more testing and scenarios to come.


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Re the stripping off the HTML aspect that I spoke of it seems to not only move Upper Case to lowercase but also has issues with the %20 inserted when there is a space in the URL as well.

I have since I have the access to the site edited the required link to be all lowercase and with _ in_between words. So for the moment I have worked around the bug and got it working.

% symbols weren’t getting picked up in the pattern matching when plucking out the links from the HTML. This, along with the lowercase conversion has been addressed and will be updated on the live system tomorrow. The % problem may explain why that third link wasn’t committing earlier? When we tested today we used pretty standard links without any spaces or symbols.

Thanks Glen for the update. Will change the link when live tomorrow and play a bit more.

That update has just gone live.

Hi Guys

Have checked the link and changed to the original with CAPS and spaces, from my perspective can confirm that this is a fixed issue.

Thank you.

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Excellent, thank you for your assistance and for letting me know that it’s now working correctly.