Extend the 'Invoice name' view within Invoice Management?

As seen in the picture, the preview invoice names stop after about 30 characters and then go…

Could that be extended to fill whatever size your window can cope with?



Unfortunately not, this field is limited to 35 characters to serve as a name for each invoice. You can actually just edit the name in-place, although we don’t want to turn this into a descriptive field so the limit needs to stay at 35.

Feature request…please change the Invoice Name field to show as many characters as the screen width allows ? I read somewhere it’s limited to 35 characters?

Hi @Stephen_Coulthard

I’ve merged your post with this existing feature request as it’s the same as @chrisgunther25’s post above.

As my colleague, @Glenn, mentions it’s more of a name field than a description field, so it’s not something we’re likely to change at the moment. But we’ll continue to leave this thread open for others to add their comments.

yes agree needs to be way longer…

please increase would make tagging ebay refunds way easier…