Extra Links in Bank Statements and others

Is it possible to get the previous / next page links at the top of the bank statements pages as well as the bottom?

Also is it possible to have more than 50 displayed at one time?

Can we also mix filtering so we can display only credits that are untagged?

Finally can we export to .csv for whole nominal codes instead of just what is displayed on screen?

Brilliant product that is just getting better by the way.

It may well be possible and advantageous to have paging buttons at the top as well as the bottom. We could certainly consider this.

Displaying +50 transactions at a time is not going to be possible, mainly due to the effect this has on overall performance, churning out large datasets for many users concurrently will slow down the system for all users.

I assumed this would be possible using the dropdown select below, but this seems to reset the tag status. It may be something we can modify, not sure on that?

You can’t output all your transactions in one CSV only 50 at a time, this again is due to the performance aspect of generating huge datasets. Some accounts contain 10,000+ transactions so it would really hammer the system trying to export all these to a CSV. I would recommend you run a backup of the account which will give you all your bank transactions in one CSV. You are limited to running 3 full backups a day.

Thank you for the feedback!