Failed search on Bank Transactions

Hi Guys,

The search function on bank transactions appears to have stopped working, unless I am being really stupid?

Which is definitely possible!

I have got the same problem. Seems to work ok when searching for an amount but not when searching for a reference. Very frustrating when searching for a reference to then bulk tag.

Hi @TomCastletree & @RAD1975

Is there something in particular that you are searching? I have tested and searched within the reference and it’s brought up results

It works with some searches and not others. For examples, when I search the word “wages” it works but when I search “B AND Q” it does not work. I have even copied “B AND Q” from a transaction that I can see and pasted it in the reference search box and nothing then comes up as a search result

Hi @RAD1975

Thank you - I can see that the search doesn’t work when there is a space “transfer” will bring back results but “transfer to” won’t.

I will report this to the dev team and see if anything has changed recently.

Can you remember when it was working previously?

No it appears to be happening on all our accounts.

neither the notes nor reference.

On occasion it is picking some transaction, but this appears random and only on tagged transactions.

All very odd!

It was working fine for me yesterday - I work on QuickFile pretty much all day everyday

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Hi Beth,

I am searching with partial words, and use the function frequently, but sorry been on other tasks this week.
Think it was working Friday

Hi @TomCastletree

Thanks for confirming. There have been some changes made to the way the search works - the Dev team are looking into it and running some more tests

Hi Beth, Thank you very much

Hi @RAD1975 & @TomCastletree

I am going to send you both a private message to get some account details from you :slight_smile:

Thanks Beth,

No problem

Hi, I’m having the same problem with searches on Reference in bank. For example, i’m searching for cheque numbers that start 120 and it returns nothing. The full cheque number finds the item but the partial search seems to have disappeared.

Hi @WalkerTim

If you add * after the search so 120* this would include anything that contains 120

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Hi Beth,

This appears to be also working on my partial text searches but not on the notes search, which I use for bank balance confirmations for my Clients

Many Thanks

When I use “search by reference” to find out untagged bank transactions, the search option is bringing up only tagged lines. I’ve never had this issue before… Can you help please ? Is there any technical problem with Quick File today?

Many thanks

Hi @anna.digirgenti

I’ve merged your post with the other related posts in this thread. We’ll send you a private message shortly.

do you have any updates on this problem? When is going to be fixed?


Hi @anna.digirgenti

I have fixed your account search for you now and tested - it should all be working as expected. Please do let us know if you’re still seeing any problems

Hi Beth,

It is working with the * added on the reference search, but this is different to what it was.

However the notes search is still not functioning.

Any news on this ?