Farmers Auction receipts and Contras

I am new to Quickfile and just setting up a farming business. Please can anyone tell me how I can do the following:
Enter a sales invoice for sale of livestock at an auction mart. The auction mart deduct commission and Levy’s which are standard rated for VAT.
I can enter the deduction as a minus line and post to an expense code but the VAT on the deduction is going to a sales VAT code as a minus but it needs to go to the purchase VAT code to be claimed in box 4 of the VAT return. Is this possible with Quickfile?? Many thanks

You need to enter sales as of full amount and sales/auction charges as separate purchase item, you can open another bank account and call it say “Auction Sales receipts” use this to record sales invoices paid and commission invoice paid off, balance can go into main bank or cash account

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