Feature Request: S3 compatible storage support

Will you consider supporting S3 compatible storage (amazon, minio etc) as an alternative to Dropbox.

Hi @ScrumpyJack

All our files, when imported into your QuickFile account, are saved to S3 anyway. I’m not familiar with Minio, or how these would work.

Do they work in a similar way to Dropbox (e.g. file syncing)?

You could in theory, set up a Zap using Zapier for example, to move a file from another platform to Dropbox, and let QuickFile pick it up from there.

What I mean is, for those of use who use S3 (like aws, minio etc), would you consider supporting it so that when we upload a receipt to a particular bucket, it would appear in quickfile?

We’re happy to consider most feature requests, providing they are feasible and there’s a demand from within the community. We’ll leave this thread open and other users can add their vote and comments.

Dropbox supports web hooks, which means that when someone uploads a file, we receive a web hook notification. This then means we don’t need to constantly poll all accounts to see if a file is added.

I’m not sure if S3 will support this in a user-friendly way, i.e. without the AWS account holder needing to create some custom code via something like AWS Lambda.

This is just my initial thought, the other question would be how many QF users would directly use S3 for storage? One possible solution may be to use Zapier to configure any S3 files to be moved into Dropbox, but that of course still involves Dropbox.

If you accept incoming webhooks, then tell us what the payload should look like for this, and we can send you one with the URL of a file to pull into the receipt hub, regardless of storage.
We could even add the PurchaseID so it could be linked to the purchase log.

An app along those lines would be cool.
Buy something, create a purchase entry, take a photo of the receipt, all from my phone, and the API does the rest.

If you wish to create something custom, you’re more than welcome to use our API to send the file to us. We have a Document_Upload method which accepts a base64 encoded image and a PurchaseID, to make the link too.

There’s more information here:

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help you further :slight_smile:

Totally missed that, thanks

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