Feature Request - Spitting Receipts and Payments Across Projects

This may be a little too specialist but I thought I would see if there was any other interest

We regularly have receipts and occasionally make payments that need to be split across several projects. I know that we can adjust the figures for each project up or down manually but this gets quite fiddly if there are more than two projects involved.

Unless the amount is large we usually pick the first appropriate project in date order just hope that it will all even out but there is still a risk of distorition. Ideally what we would like is to give quickfile a list of projects, the maximum needed in our case is 6, and for the amount to be apportioned automatically.

Thanks for your post @FolkLondon! We’ll leave the thread open and see what other users think about this, and we can certainly explore some options if there’s enough interest.

yes, I’d find this feature really useful

Yes I would also find this feature useful. Currently the only way I can do this is to have multiple versions of account lines, one for each project, which makes the chart of accounts quite cumbersome.