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Feeding banking into QuickFile

I’m quite new to the software and my bank feed stopped on 15th January! On the page for dealing with this it says I have 76 days before the feed needs to be renewed. I’m linking a Santander account. However, under this in RED is a message…

Please go into the relevant bank statement view in QuickFile to connect your feed. You must then select " More Options " then " Activate Bank Feed ".

I don’t know where to find a relevant bank statement and I just want the auto feed working again.

Any help would be appreciated



Hi @AndyH

When you click on to your list of bank accounts, select the account that you want to have the Open Banking feed linked to. This is what is meant by the Relevant bank statement. You will need to then follow the rest of the steps to get the feed working again.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many thanks, that did it. Easy when you know how lol

Maybe a little change in the wording from ‘Bank Statement’ to ‘Bank Account from the Dashboard’ would be less confusing?



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