Feeds involving Interbank transfers create duplicate entries in suspense account

I have a client that set up bank feeds for both her current and saver accounts at Barclays. Works fine except when tagging interbank transfers. It seems to create a duplicate entry to the suspense account. When you are asked to tag a transaction, the system correctly identifies the corresponding entry in the other bank accounts and invites you to match them off. Would I be correct in assuming that it is this ‘matching off’ that gives rise to the entry in the suspense account with the system now regarding the original bank entry on one of the accounts as ‘orphaned’? Is this by design?

When you link two bank entries in this way it doesn’t do anything with the suspense entries (9998). They effectively already cancel each other out so they remain on the accounts. It’s been like this by design since we launched.

This behaviour is different to what happens when you tag a bank entry as a sale, purchase or something else, in those instances the 9998 entry gets removed and replace by an equal entry to say general sales (4000).

It’s a little odd I know but from what I understand those 9998 entries remain in case the entry is detagged later. The bottom line however is that they both cancel each other out so have nill effect on the balance.

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