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Hello, Before my paypal fees were being imported as a single amount according to the sale figure.
Now it seems to be importing a lump sum for multiple transactions.
How can i change this so that it imports the fees single?

Hi @Scott_Warnes

The PayPal fees have always been calculated and recorded as one transaction (as a lump sum), this isn’t something we’ve changed.

There is no option to change this unfortunately, but you’re welcome to start a feature request for this if you wish.

Hi, so it imports as a lump sum at midnight after last transaction for day?

When the PayPal feed runs, it collates all the fees from the previous day and creates a transaction for them. It also creates an invoice and automatically tags it too.

This is a great way of doing it. I will stick to the daily, isit worth ticking the box about bank duplicates if i have not already?
I will leave it as the middle option i think?
Cheers Mathew

The bank duplicates is handy if you want to keep your current account in check, as the dates don’t often match up. This is usually a good option, bit there are users who prefer QuickFile to import them from PayPal.

The top three options are personal preference, and also depends on your own situation. If you like me control, then the last option is good. Whereas if you’re having tens or hundreds of transactions, option 1 is probably best which would collate your daily sales into one invoice.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you,
In regards to Holds, I use a paypal Hold account transfer to that then when money in again transfer to that?
Will it work the same when allocating one client using the first option?
As i am getting every transaction placed on hold. Cheers
I was also wondering, isit possible to get the imports with the corresponding paypal date, its importing say 2.06 on the next days date which is fine, but isit possible to go back and put the correct date automatically, would be useful. Thanks

In this case I would probably set it to ‘leave the tagging to me’ just to enable you to manage it correctly.

The dates on my example setup seem to match the date the transaction took place. Is this not the case with your account? Do you have any examples where this isn’t the case (you’re welcome to send specifics by private message)?

I manually changed the date to the previous day
I can’t get to the computer till tomorrow,

The problem with the paypal feed is that it imports at about 2am so any sales after midnight are lumped in with that day’s total.

Also, say for example it does an import early on the 2nd of the month (which will be importing fees from the 1st), it shows those fees as fees on the 2nd, whereas paypal will show those fees as the 1st, so it’s always a day out.

Basically it will never match my paypal statement either day to day, or month to month - there is always a small + or - discrepancy compared to the paypal statement.

Having said that it’s still correct over time, as the bank balances are always right.

Yeah I guess but if QuickFile can make a way off importing at 2am PayPal fees with previous days date that would be helpful I think. I’m no expert coder but I’m guessing it can be done and it will only improve the service further.

I like to use the reconcile to check against the day but noticed it was put by the previous days fee only.

It’s liveable :point_right::dizzy_face:

I Choose to lump sum the sales, but still getting the single transactions, do you know why?

The setting here is to “Lump all sales under one client”, if you click the green tagged button for each of the sales entries, they are both tagged to your nominated client.

This setting will still individually show the distinct sales entries on the PayPal statement, they will just be tagged to one client rather than having individual clients for every sale.

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