Filing first vat return - why are all the figure fields not populated?

Hi I am trying to submit my first ever VAT return using this software today for the first time. I have input all the purchases and all the sales and some of those figures are coming up fine with the fields all autopopulated which is what I would expect. The fields at the top however, are all zero - surely I am not to manually type in the sales and the VAT due? Surely that is what this accounting software is for? Besides, I read in the help factsheet that we should not use the ‘adjustment’ drop down box unless absolutely necessary and when I try to do this, it flags everything up in red - the help notes said QuickFile strongly advise against using this. So, what am I missing or not doing or doing incorrectly? I have registered everything and linked everything to the best of my knowledge. My return is due asap so I need to fix this error so the fields are populated and so that I can send my return via QuickFile and pay and have it done with. Many thanks.

Hi @floorspace,

Sorry that you seem to be having problems.

Firstly please could you confirm that you are cash or accrual accounting?

Secondly, If you go to Sales > show all sales you should see the list, there are a few things to check here:

  • The Date is within your VAT period
  • That all of the invoices aren’t showing as Drafts and if you are cash accounting these need to be showing as paid

Please let me know how you get on with the checks and if there is anything else I can help with :slight_smile:

Hi there and thanks for your response. Yes, I’m cash accounting and the dates are all within this VAT quarter and are marked as paid…thanks

It is the Sales that the issue is with though - the Vat due on sales and total vat due fields are zero - the purchase fields are all completed…

If they are showing as paid - then check the dates you recorded the money as being received, you can do this by going into the Sales invoice and looking at the related payment.

Another way to do this would be to look at the bank view and check that all the transactions fall within the dates you need.

If you are still having problems you are welcome to send me your QuickFile account number in a private message and I can have a look at your settings.


Ah so I must change the payment date also…that could be it! Thanks I will try this!

Yes, If you are Cash accounting then the VAT return bases the calculations on the date the money changed hands and not the date of the invoices :slight_smile:

Absolutely - I see where I’ve gone wrong there now. Many thanks - all done!

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