Fill up ended tax year with expenses

I am a sole trader in my first year. For tax traeshold reasons would like to attribute as many expenses to the old tax year as possible. Can I claim invoices/ payments issued after the 5/4/2014 for the tax year which ended 5/4/2014?

If expense was related to 2013-14 then you can provide accrual for that else NO

Thank you Faraday!

What about intakes: I have a big intake that I invoiced in the old tax year, half of it reached my account during the last tax year, the other half will reach my account towards the end of April. Am I free to decide the tax year for the second payment?

Same accrual concept, Revenue and cost are matched as per periods, you need to record turnover based on period they actually relate to i.e work done, invoice raised and not cash basis