Final VAT Return on cash accounting - manual adjustments


We de-registered for VAT with effect on 05/02/21 as were liquidating the company. After reconnecting Quickfile to VAT Online (it failed to connect after de registering), it’s correctly picked up the need for a return for the period 01/12/20 - 04/02/21. My issue is there are two invoices dated 31/01/21 which were paid on 12/03/21 and need to be included in this final VAT return.

These aren’t being included as we use cash accouting, so I presume I need to make manual adjustments in the VAT return Boxes 1 and 6. I understand I need to make journal entries to account for this, but am unsure what these should be. Would I simply:

Credit Manual adjustments (2204)
Debit Sales tax Control (2200)

We are in the process of re registering for VAT since have decided to continue trading, so I presume the first VAT return when re-instated will also need manual adjustments as the two invoices will be accounted for again. If this is the case, would I reduce Boxes 1 and 6 by the same amounts and then create a journal:

Debit Manual adjustments (2204)
Credit Sales tax Control (2200)

Any help much appreciated!

Hi @Meeko,

The VAT journals you have suggested look correct to me but it is always best to check with your accountant to be sure.

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