Find all tagged/untagged transactions

is there an easy way to find untagged transactions? We use the paypal feed and in our pp bank account we have some 50+ pages of 50 transactions, at the top it state 99.65% tagged, but i have been through every page three times and I cannot find any transaction untagged, so why not 100%?

I hate things not being 100%, slightly OCD I guess :wink:

Is it not tallying correctly or am I missing something, be nice to see a checkbox to show untagged only?


Hi @visumgroup. You can find all untagged transactions by clicking on the red section of the pie chart.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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perfecto - thanks, although oddly now i have come out and signed back in the pie chart says 100%, despite my reloading the page a few times earlier, but good to know for the future as we always get a lot untagged due to paypal putting payments on hold and all the games they love to play :wink:

thanks again

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