I cannot find the above on your website anymore?

Possibly this was in relation to ?

I have contacted several accountants, but I have not been able to find one with experience of QuickFile.

Can you recommend and accountant (preferably in West Sussex).

I am looking for the following:

  1. Someone I can contact from time to time for help.
  2. Must have QF experience and hold an Affinity Account.
  3. Support Sole trader.
  4. Complete end of year and submit to HMRC.

Do yourselves provide services to Sole Traders now?

Yes we now provide full support for self employed sole traders. Full details here:

Accounts Service (Self Employed) - £149 + vat

This is something new that we have only just started offering and haven’t formally announced as yet. Although we’re not really setup to provide one-to-one advice or detailed tax planning, we do assist with all kinds of matters relating to the year end. For any general bookkeeping guidance there are some useful resources where you can obtain advice.

UK Business Forums - Accounts and Finance can be a useful. Also you can post questions here under the Accounting heading.

Does it have to be in West Sussex?


Since starting this Post, my current Accountant has now looked at Quickfile and agreed to continue to support me (I have made a note of your details thank you).

I see that QF now provide ‘End of year’ support though disappointed this does not include one-to-one advice.

Perhaps something QF and Accountants like yourself may wish to consider is that I was not able to find an Accountant who actually had QF clients &/or an Affinity account. Maybe the QF website should include an area where Affinity Only Accountants can advertise. I contacted quite a few Accountants on, but none had existing QF clients. is a general directory of accountants and many of those who have registered there have done so through our sister company The Company Wizard, so probably don’t have a great deal of experience with Quick File.

Affinity is still a relatively new offering and we will eventually allow Affinity users to advertise their practices directly to general Quick File users. We’re still some way off there but that’s our long term goal.

Anyway, glad you found a solution!