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Finding an Accountant - End of Year Accounts

I obtained quotes for my end of year accounts via accountants listed on QuickFile last year, is the same service available this year?

PS. I could also do with some friendly advice ref my Self Assessment Tax Return due (or not) by end of Jan 2021. I find the advice provided by HMRC completely confusing!

Thanks, Eddie


It’s still available :slight_smile:

If you can’t see this option, go to Account Settings >> Team Management and double-check if you are connected with your old accountant. If you are, you can disconnect it there.

While you are connected, you won’t see the option for the year-end service.

Thanks Matthew, I didn’t realise I had to remove the connection and have now done so.

Regards, Eddie

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No problem! Usually the accountant would break this link once the accounts have been filed, unless they continue working with you.

Naturally, some forget to do this and just require a bit of manual intervention from the account side of things.

Glad to hear this has been resolved anyway!

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