Finding transactions

Apologies if I have asked a similar question before

I am trying to match up transfers across accounts

It must be possible to find transactions by amount no matter what account they are in eg when trying to find a matching transaction for £10 that you know is in one of the accounts, how can I search for all transactions of £10 in ALL nominal accounts between Date X and Date Y?

Hi Vistaro,
I think you can only search on the sales/purchase invoices page. Click search on one of these pages, enter amount and date range and click submit. Then you have to go through the shown sales/purchase invoices and lock to which nominal the amount was posted.

A good start should be also to look in your suspense account. If the second (matching) entry is missing then it should be shown in that account

Thanks, that’s more or less what I do now, a universal / global search box would be useful for this, ie you enter some text or a value and then they system looks through everything in the database to find matches and returns them probably categorised into the relevant sections or boxes on screen

To make it even better adding the Boolean operators into the search string would really enhance this

Would make finding orphans so much easier to find and hence reconcile

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