Finishing financial year and starting the next


I only use Quickfile to issue invoices and mark them as paid. These are often produced in one financial year and the final balance due in the next.

How do I complete the financial year that has just ended so invoices for the new year start with 001.

Is it possible to carry over invoices so I can see when they are due and mark them as paid when they are.

Thank you


You don’t need to start invoices from 001 in next year, it should continue in sequence the following year.
Year end debtors will be carried forwarded for you log payments against them in next year

I’d like to start the invoices at 001 though.
Is there a way of doing it?


No, because HMRC do not like it. You need to use a unique and sequential invoice numbering scheme throughout the life of the business. You cannot reuse invoice numbers already issued.