Firefox - master password

Just managed to log in to my account without entering the master firefox security password. I have informed firefox but thought it worth mentioning here. The master password window popped up twice but I cancelled both times and then suddenly I was into my dashboard. I think the new security measures are maybe worth moving to!

I don’t use Firefox so I’m not completely au fait with how the master password feature works. Is it something you are able to consistently replicate? Even by completely closing and reloading FF?

Difficult to say as I have just moved onto 2 factor authentication for Quickfile which hopefully cured problem. I will give it a go after this reply [am logged in at present] and see if I can. I suspect it is to do with Firefox but thought it worth mentioning as it is potentially disastrous. The Master password feature is part of the back up you can make of all your bookmarks, tabs, history, passwords etc. and the ability for you to synchronise all of these on any machine, tablet or phone you use so that they are all the same and it will auto-fill user name and passwords for sites if you want it to. If you have multiple machines it can be a real boon and you can select which of the categories you synch on each device. So in my set up, I don’t synch my passwords or history to my mobile.

Well, it still does it. The password user name and 2 step authentication are auto filled and when I press continue the master password window comes up, I close, press continue again, the window comes up again, I close it and then I am suddenly in my account - not good. I will get back onto Firefox.

I think such a critical bug would be well known by now as FF is used by millions of people. You may want to report the issue here: