First attempt at MTD filing - VAT period not showing

Hi, just linked my Agent’s account via Affinity, attempting to file a VAT return under MTD and am getting the following:

“Below you will see a list of open VAT obligations as currently reported by HMRC. Please click to prepare a return for the relevant period”

There is a list of the previous 3 VAT returns that have been filed, Jan-Mar 19, Oct-Dec 18 and Jul-Sep 18, nothing for the Apr-Jun 19 period I’m attemptig to file now. I set my client up for MTD on Tuesday, if that makes any difference.

Hi @Mushroom

Are you able to view the periods in your online HMRC account? Do you see any periods listed there that aren’t showing on QuickFile?

The returns that I can see haven’t been filed via QuickFile, this is a new client that I’ve just taken on, he filed the previous 3 returns himself, its the Apr-June one that I’m starting off on but that’s not showing up.

I’ve been digging in deeper with this, all my other MTD clients that I registered at the same time are fine, I think this client may have an issue with his address, HMRC will block any further filings in that case.

Thanks for the update. The periods are sent to us straight from HMRC (live), so if there’s one missing, it could very well be an issue on their end, or relating to something your client may / may not have done.

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