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familiar with Sage & Quickbooks, now with free simple Quickfile for personal accounts - but I’m immediately baffled by the initial starting procedures. For example, I can find no way of placing a QF shortcut onto a PC screen - surely it must be the first basic, but how ? how ?

Go to your login screen for QF in your browser.
Highlight and copy the URL (internet address) and return to your PC desktop.
Right click anywhere on the desktop and select ‘New’ then select ‘Shortcut’.

Paste in the URL and hit next. Give the Shortcut a name and you should be all sorted.

Thanks James
Apologies for asking such a basic question -
I’d forgotten that route as I haven’t needed to do that for years, as all other new links had a drag-logo which I think QF doesn’t.
No trouble with the financials, just blanked the app set up.
Derek Tarrant

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