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First time Submit Digital VAT return

I have submitted VAT return as before, applying reverse charge adjustments. It says it is not submitted to HMRC.

When I go to reports HMRC. I see my company, date 06/06/2019 is connected, view, VAT obligations, when I click Prepare, values are in 0.

Please Note: You have a saved VAT Return the overlaps this period (ending 30 Apr 2019). Please rollback any overlapping VAT Returns before proceeding.​

How to submit, what should I do?
7 June is deadline to do it today?

Can’t find in community.

Hi @dan.l,

Sorry to hear you are having problems submitting your return.

Firstly, I would roll back the overlapping return that is mentioned in the error to allow you to create your new return. To do this go to Reports > VAT Returns you should be able to see the VAT return with the overlapping dates - open this and at the bottom there will be a button to Roll Back.

Secondly, I would go into your VAT settings and check the VAT start date and that all the MTD settings are correct.

Once you have checked the above you will then be able to go to Reports > HMRC to then prepare and submit your return.

Please let me know if you are still experiencing issues.


Hi @dan.l,

Have you managed to submit your VAT return now?


I appear to be having a similar problem, I have submitted return but HMRC do not appear to have received it? I want to do next return but want to sort out first one. I do not owe VAT but I should be owed for purchases, do I have to input this manually?

Thanks in advance

Hi @rut50,

If you have submitted the return through MTD then if it has gone through it will have a reference code attached. If there is no reference code and if it just states ‘SAVED’ when you view the VAT return list then it hasn’t gone.

You would need to roll-back this saved return to be able to submit through MTD and straight to HMRC.