First time user questions - statements, imports and item types

How do you:

  1. Do a Customer Statement Run (to issue monthly statements, after generating invoices)
  2. Where is “service item type” (e.g. for Transportation, or Consulting services)
  3. Import feature for transactions, or customer data (if you move from another system)??


In answer to your point 3;

I have a YouTube video showing how to use the import tool to import clients and then client invoices - it’s just over 13 minutes long.

It is at:

Hope this helps!

Hi Darren,

Import worls great, thx!

Any idea on Question 1 and 2

To 1. Click Reports in the main menu and you can choose from any kind of report like proft&loss, balance sheet, tax summery and so on

To 2. On your sales/purchases invoices click on category and look for the relevant account. In the same field, if you start to write your known category it will appear automatically. For example, when you write bank it will show you all categories with Bank eG Bank Fee, Bank Charge, Bank interest paid … and so on.
The same is for tagging transaction from your bank account. Tag it to a customer/bank account and it will ask you for the category/account. You can look through all of it or start to write the category you are looking for.

Hope this helps

Thanks, but “Customer Statement Run”, report is not just any type of report. Its a specific report that you run, normally on a monthly basis, before issuing a monthly statement to your customers. I dont see m to have a “Statement” option .

I have been advised to click on “statements”, but I do not have that option.

Please assist, as I am switching to your system…

Hi @expansityetcd

I’m not familiar with a customer statement run report? What information would you expect to see on this report?

You can send individual statements to your clients and set them up to automatically send on recurring basis. Is this the type of thing you are looking for?

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Hi expansityetcd,

Thank you for your email.

Just to clarify, I don’t work for quickfile, I’m just a user like you.

What do you mean with customer statement run report? I haven’t heard this before or may with a different name. Do you mean may customer statement? If you view the client you wish to see a statement for (you can do this by clicking on their name on an invoice preview screen, or by going to Sales >> All Clients ).

You will see an option to ‘View…’. Click this, and then click ‘Statement’

Step-by-Step. Hoover over Sales and click View Clients. You will come to the page with all your clients. Click on the client/customer name you are looking for. After your client is loaded to your screen you will see View above your clients details and next to +Create New. Click on View and it will open a new menu; number 5 in that menu is statement.

I hope that helps

Thanks rhc, it worked :pray:


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