First VAT return after 5 years

Good morning

I’ve started trading again after 5 years and am using the same Quickfile account I used before. However, when trying to submit a VAT return for the new period of VAT, the software keeps asking me to submit returns for 5 years ago first, for the periods when I had not been trading. Can this setting be altered please?

You need to check vat start date on vat setting screen

Yes, I have set the correct VAT start date but still the return tries to revert to 2016 and if I change the dates on the return and try to file it an error comes back saying I must submit a return for 2016 first.

Disable vat filing and just run vat returns for all periods upto the one you want to submit. Click save on each one. That should correct it.

Okay thanks, i did that and it seems to have worked. Lots of returns though…

Yes there is probably a setting somewhere which should have started the vat returns from the date the first was due but without seing I wouldn’t know

I think the issue is going to be because of the hiatus. Quickfile would expect you to be VAT registered once and then you would submit your final return. Just leaving it for 5 years it’s always going to see this as an error as your VAT start date cannot be now as you have returns from >5 years ago submitted and you haven’t de-registered so it doesn’t know that you shouldn’t be submitting VAT returns in the interim.

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