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Flag purchase order as sent



is it possible to flag a PO as sent as you can with invoices? It is also not clear to me if the email sends a pdf attachment or a link?




I’m afraid you can’t flag a PO as sent, however it will get marked as SENT if it is emailed to the supplier. When you send by email, the document gets delivered as a PDF attachment.

I will leave this thread open as a feature request to gauge further interest.



no problem. Thanks for looking at it.




I would like this feature also. being able to mark as sent , as you can with invoice creation would be most useful.


+1 from me.

We often just manually send emails to suppliers and don’t want to send them the PDF P/o, just the P/o number.


We would really like the ability to flag a PO as sent as we are in the process of looking at the API and webhooks to link QF to our quality management system and the sent button will likely be the trigger point.


Thanks for the feedback. We’ll have a look into this early next week, I can’t see it being a problem.


Thank you very much Glenn that would be great.


No problem this feature will be available in the next release (either today or tomorrow).


You are a legend thank you!


Just a quick one to let you know that this is now available to use.

Simply click to send a PO in the normal way and you will see an option “Flag purchase order as sent” at the top.